Full Review: Is Chobani Good For You?

Let’s face it: Eating healthy isn’t always easy, and the food industry as a whole seems bent on labeling foods as good for us when it reality we end up eating chemicals, preservatives, and other additives that can be harmful to our body. With all that said, when Chobani was first released as a healthy Greek yogurt with an affordable price point, you were right to be skeptical. That begs the question though: Is Chobani healthy?

Is Chobani Greek Yogurt Good For You? An In-Depth Analysis


The answer is mostly yes, but not entirely. Greek yogurt has been hailed as a delicious, healthy treat that packs more protein and less sugar per serving than your average yogurt. Its thicker consistency helps us feel fuller for longer, and Chobani sticks to these strengths as well. Right on the front of the label you’ll see the prominent claim “Only Natural Ingredients,” but long time health-conscious individuals know that this phrase isn’t regulated by the USDA and so doesn’t actually mean anything. Still, that fruit on the label sure looks healthy.

Healthy Chobani Ingredients


So let’s start with the good, shall we? Here’s a list of the health benefits Chobani has to offer:

    • Live and Active Cultures
      You’ve probably seen this term before, but what does it mean exactly and why is it good for you? According to researchers around the world and the National Yogurt Association, live and active cultures means that the bacteria in yogurt helps to prevent gastrointestinal infections, boost the body’s immune system, and help to fight certain types of cancer. In short, this is good stuff!


    • Nonfat Yogurt, Nonfat Milk
      This can be a plus or a minus depending on your nutritional point of view. Some nutrition experts contend that whole milk brings a lot to the table and that the fat content actually helps our body’s process it. On the other hand, if you’re a person who avoids fat at all costs or if you have enough healthy sources of fat in your diet already, nonfat yogurt/milk could be considered a plus. It isn’t good or bad, per se, but it may influence your decision.


  • Blueberries/Pineapple/Your Fruit of Choice
    Too many products out in the food industry are “fruit flavored” when in fact that they don’t contain any real fruit. Chobani does, thankfully, buck that trend. Chobani Yogurt does contain real fruit, no matter what’s at the bottom.

Unhealthy Ingredients

By now, you’re probably pumped up to hear that Chobani has a lot going for it but, like most mainstream food choices, it isn’t without its downsides. Here’s what to look out for.

    • Non-Organic

      If you’re worried about pesticide residue in your fruit, then you probably try to buy organic whenever possible. If you are wondering whether your fruit on the bottom could contain a significant amount of pesticides, you can read up on the “dirty dozen” non-organic fruits here.


    • Evaporated Cane Juice
      It sounds fancy, but what they really mean here is added sugar. Since sugar is added to just a ton of foods these days, you probably aren’t due up for additional sugar in your Greek Yogurt. It isn’t the more dangerous variety of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, but it isn’t the best either.


So there you have it! Chobani Greek Yogurt offers a number of health benefits and, ultimately, outweighs the drawbacks. If you’re really cracking down on your diet, you may want to opt for an organic option, but for day to day use its hard to go wrong here.

If you’ve made your choice and want to read a bit more, check out our flavor reviews of pumpkin, honey with ginger, and orange vanilla.

5 thoughts on “Full Review: Is Chobani Good For You?

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  2. I just opened my Chobani banana yogurt.It was half full,as a previous one was!!! What is going on?????
    Linda Clark

  3. I like Chobani, but they really DON”T need to ADD SUGAR to their fruit flavors!! We know that ADDED SUGARS are BAD for us, yet the food industry keeps adding it. YOGURT DOESN”T NEED IT!!! I wish they wouldn’t add it ! The lactose is enough

  4. I bought some of the Chobani Greek Yogurt 100 calories and found that the store brand of the same yogurt is much better. The new 100 calorie Chobani is watery and not filling at all. I did like the regular Chobani but there fewer calorie ones leave much to be desired. I will stick with the store brand on this one.

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